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During your stay at the medical practice we provide you with the whole spectrum of paediatric and neurological orthopaedics: Starting from a thorough diagnosis and ending with creating a therapy plan that is individually made to fit your desires.
Furthermore we can provide our patients with innovative tool concepts due to our collaboration with experienced orthopaedics and rehabilitation technicians.
When it comes to neurological and paediatric orthopaedics we specialized on treating innate and developed deformities of the limbs and bodily impairments.

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By appointment with our online appointment scheduler:
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Cancel your appointment (via our online appointment arrangement or in writing by e-mail) if you are unable to keep it. In case of unexcused cancellation or cancellation at short notice (up to 24 hours before the appointment), we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.

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Dr. Ulrich Scheibl, MSc

Dr. Ulrich Scheibl, MSc

- Medical degree at university of Vienna

- Specialist regarding orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery:
- Clinic of conservative and operative rehabilitation Berchtesgadener Land
- Department of orthopedy at the district hospital of Berchtesgaden
- Center of trauma surgery Dr. Peter Valentin
- Orthopaedic children’s clinic Aschau at Chiemgau

- DAF: Certificate for foot surgery

- Master of Science, MSc; Neurological orthopaedics -Disability Management

- Senior physician at the department of paediatric orthopaedics and foot surgery until 2020
Special team of neurological orthopaedics at the hospital of Speising until 2020


In my doctor's office I specialized on the following areas.

General Paediatric Orthopaedics

Specialized on paediatric orthopaedics ..............................................

Neurological orthopaedics

Specialized on disease patterns of neuroorthopaedic nature

Position based head deformities, helmet molding therapy

Specialized on head asymmetry of babies

Operative orthopaedics

Operative treatment of innate and developed disease patterns

Vacuum Bell therapy

Vacuum Bell therapy to treat Pectus Excavatum ..............................................

Ultrasound diagnosis

Orthopaedic check up on paediatric hips via ultrasound ..............................................


Dynamic and static foot pressure measurement with DIERS Pedoscan.

The DIERS pedoscan foot pressure recording system enables precise recording and display of the pressure conditions of the human foot. The precise and high-frequency measurement technology provides us with information about:

  • the average foot pressure.
  • the maximum foot pressure.
  • the foot type.
  • the foot contact area (cm²).
  • and more.

These diverse clinical questions of the objective and quantitative analysis of the load distribution, of pressure peaks and movement asymmetries as well as the rolling behavior for the detection of foot malformations or functional restrictions in the area of the lower extremities are recorded.


Multilevel minimalinvasive Myofasziotomie

Multilevel minimally invasive Myofasciotomy

This special method has become increasingly established in the field of operational gait improvement measures in recent years. The very low complication rate and the very gentle postoperative course make this method particularly interesting and popular. This method is also low in complications due to the very small wound surface and the minimal impact on the muscles. This has a positive effect on joint mobility and the spasticity of the agonistic muscles.

The method of the procedure is to cut through fibrotic parts of the muscle, but also connective tissue bridges through a small skin incision with the help of a special tenotome and thereby achieve an improved expansion of the treated muscles. The muscles are not completely severed, tendons and the bones involved remain untouched, and running nerves and vascular structures are spared with this surgical technique.


In my medical practice I serve as an elective doctor which means that the patients themselves have to come up with the costs involved with my service.

Eventually the fee note can be submitted to the responsible health care provider. On average you will get up to 80% of the money you would have paid for a public doctor back from your healthcare provider. The percentage depends on the healthcare provider and the state you live in.

An additional insurance can cover the remainder of the costs or the entire fee note.

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Attention privately by car: the 8th district is a short-term parking zone, allow enough time to look for a parking space. There is a parking garage with short-term parking spaces nearby at Hamerlingplatz


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Ultrasound check ups

I perform an ultrasound only at my paediatric medical practice Schumanngasse 84 in the 17th district of Vienna. You can find more information at Specializations.


This appointment is only for appointments in my medical practice, in Albertgasse! For appointments in Schumanngasse, please make an appointment directly in Schumanngasse on +43 1 480 30 10!


We are exclusively a private doctor's office (NO statutory health insurances)

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